Right from the oven!


Green banking app for financial and environmental consciousness.

MKB Bank

Co-creating a design-driven and mobile-first experience for existing clients.

Intesa Sanpaolo

Hassle-free investment experience for millennials.

MKB Bank

Modular illustration library and facelifted branding.

OTP Bank

Youth banking UX consultancy to help acquiring GenZ customers.


End-to-end implementation of a smart, pay-as-you-drive CASCO solution.


UX audit and brand-relevant facelifting for better conversion.

Design Summit Conference

Design of overall brand image, digital and printed platforms for MKB Design Summit conference.


Redesign and facelift of the company's mobile and web platforms.

UI Academy

Crafting exciting UI for a course that teaches UI.


Creating transparent and frictionless experience for users by auditing the check-out flow.

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