CASE study
Rebranding a community: A Comprehensive

Visual Identity for Startup Hungary
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CASE study
Rebranding a community: A Comprehensive

Visual Identity for Startup Hungary
Logo design
Visual Identity
Website facelift
UI design
Presentation templates
Brand Guideline
Social assets
Open live site
Startup Hungary is an independent, entrepreneur-led organization
launched to supercharge the startup community and to support the birth and development of more high growth potential tech companies in Hungary.
It is founded by proven entrepreneurs and supported by key players of the startup ecosystem, who share a belief in Hungary's potential as a regional hub and want to join forces to fuel its growth.
The process of creating a full visual identity for a company was a pivotal endeavor,
as it lays the foundation for the brand's perception and communication with its target audience.
This case study delves into the journey of crafting a cohesive visual identity for "Startup Hungary." The project involved the development of a logo design, brand guidelines, website design, presentation templates, and social assets to establish a unique and engaging brand presence.
Logo Design
The development of the visual identity began with the design of the logo for Startup Hungary.
Our goal was to encapsulate the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and the essence of Hungary's vibrant startup ecosystem in the logo. During its creation, we emphasized the importance of crafting a simple yet easily recognizable logo that works effectively on online platforms.
This logo not only reflects the name of the community but also represents their activities. The interconnected "SH" letter pair in the logo is positioned in the shape of a forward-pointing arrow, symbolizing the upward trajectory of startups, mirroring innovation, and connectivity opportunities.
Brand Guidelines
Consistency in branding is paramount for establishing a strong and recognizable brand identity.
To guarantee this, we created an extensive set of brand guidelines. These guidelines dictate how the logo, colors, typography, and other brand elements should be applied across all communication channels.
Startup Hungary's brand guidelines provide clear instructions for using the logo in various contexts, maintaining consistency in color usage, and specifying the approved typefaces. These guidelines serve as a vital reference for all future marketing and design efforts.
Website Design
In today's digital age, a well-crafted website is the face of any business.
During the meticulous design of the Startup Hungary website, we ensured its alignment with the newly established visual identity. The website was created with the goal of being easily updatable and maintainable, facilitated by a user-friendly content management system (CMS).
The website's design not only reflects the brand's visual identity but also provides an intuitive and appealing user experience. The content is well-structured and encompasses information about Startup Hungary's mission, services, and the Hungarian startup ecosystem. Additionally, the website incorporates responsive design principles to ensure accessibility across various devices.
Presentation Templates
Presentation materials are vital for conveying information and making a lasting impression.
Presentation materials play a crucial role in effectively conveying information and leaving a lasting impression. In the corporate world, these materials are the visual and informational backbone of any organization's communication efforts. They serve as the bridge between the content and the audience, making complex ideas more digestible and engaging.The presentation templates employed by Startup Hungary are incredibly versatile, designed to empower the team to create
professional, on-brand presentations for a range of audiences, including investors, partners, and stakeholders. These templates are a powerful tool that fosters consistency and uniformity in the visual representation of the brand. By adhering to the templates, the team ensures that the brand's messaging is presented coherently and powerfully during conferences, meetings, and events.These custom presentation templates are a testament to the commitment of Startup Hungary to maintain a consistent brand
image in both external and internal presentations. They adhere to the brand's color palette, typography, and logo placement, ensuring that every piece of communication, regardless of its audience, reflects the organization's identity and values. This level of attention to detail not only showcases professionalism but also strengthens brand recognition and trust among stakeholders, making the brand's impact enduring and memorable.
Social Assets
Social media is a powerful tool
Social media serves as a powerful and indispensable tool for strengthening brand commitment and increasing brand recognition. To achieve this, we have meticulously designed a range of social media assets in alignment with our established visual identity. These assets play a pivotal role in establishing a unified and compelling presence across a diverse array of social media platforms.
Our social media assets comprise meticulously crafted profile images, cover photos, and post templates, all tailored to adhere to the brand's style guidelines. These assets are versatile and adaptable, allowing us to maintain consistency while also embracing variety in our content creation efforts on every platform we engage with.
This commitment to detail and uniformity not only establishes a professional image but also strengthens brand recognition and fosters trust among our audience, ensuring our brand's presence is both enduring and memorable across the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

“Teaming up with was fantastic - they hit the mark on all our unique requirements swiftly, and genuinely listened, ensuring our brand identity represents our mission. The result? We’ve got a brand we’re not just happy to show off - we’re absolutely proud of it.”

Picture of Csongor Bias from StartupHungary
Csongor Bias
Managing Director
at Startup Hungary

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