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Restructuring a content-heavy, data-driven website for easier understanding and seamless customer experience is not a piece of cake. However, we love to get our hands dirty and are always thrilled for exciting challenges!

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The challenge

Brokerchooser is a top Hungarian fintech startup which operates a high-traffic, content-heavy website. They have reached significant success through SEO however, its curated content management turned out to be a challenge. Their insightful data and detailed analyses needed to be easily consumable and understandable by their users. And this is where we came into the picture!

Anchor links with custom icons for a clearer navigation.

Navigation fix

The original navigation was "book-like" and followed the structure of a table of contents, placing all accessible subpages on the left side of the site. We wanted to create a unique approach and placed all anchor links in the middle of the page creating an easily navigable, clear layout.

For a clear visual hierarchy

We needed to restructure the site in a way that different ratings, arguments and counterarguments, video contents, and tables could be displayed at once. It was an exciting challenge to fit all the necessary content into the site while keeping the original, bold black-orange style and branding.

Responsive design

Since most of Brokerchooser's website shifted from desktop to mobile it was our job to optimise the content-heavy page to mobile platforms as well. In order to address this issue we designed a custom adaptive layout so users can easily find and read the articles and analyses they are looking for.


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