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The challenge

Cristo is an app, which we co-created with an insurtech startup in partnership with Generali. The solution works on a pay-as-you-drive basis: users pay for their CASCO insurance as an on-demand service, based on the time of usage.

We provided end-to-end product development services from mapping high-level ideas to launching the app in App store and Google Play!

The smart, Millennial-proof and GenZ-compliant CASCO solution satisfies younger generations’ needs. The nowadays required pay-as-you-drive approach has been complemented with "pools": users can build their own communities, which enables them to further reduce the service fee and get discounts together. Since we are a big fan of the idea, we crafted our solution to support this unique initiative: from the most modern technologies to the custom hand-drawn illustration and unique packaging everything has been designed and implemented to provide a seamless and pleasant customer experience.

Car registration

The registration is a very seamless process with pleasant UX. Users can simply take photos of their vehicles from all sides, while being able to specifically indicate the place of the already damaged parts or areas.


The Dashboard gives a general overview on users’ profile and data. The screens visualise the driving score and the damage report, while enabling customers to top their balances up. The driving statistics and user’s pools can also be viewed here.


Regarding the analysis of the separate trips, it is easy to filter based on date intervals and by tapping on a chosen trip, users can easily view the specific details, like hard breaks or accelerations, along with other statistical data.


The appropriate visualisation of statistics is key when targeting younger customers, since they are willing to make decisions - or as a matter of fact, pay - based on empirical evidence. This functionality eases the overview of the driving data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Pools are the digital driving communities formed by the users of Cristo. To become a member, users must fulfil conditions like reaching a given driving score or own a certain car brand. Being a member enables users to acquire benefits or special discounts. The pool screens give an overview on the top drivers, the total balance and the number of participants.

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