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What is Flutter and why is it a great tool?

Elaborating on the technology and our experience with it.

Unlock the Power of Cross-Platform Development

Flutter is the SDK provided by Google that helps develop native cross-platform mobile applications that are fast, well designed and compatible.
Its a free and open-source framework for building native cross-platform apps on iOS and Android from the same code base. It has been on the market since 2017.
Although it is a relatively new tool, companies like Alibaba (one of the biggest B2B online markets) and Tencent(the leading Chinese internet-based group) have adopted the technology in their most significant products already.
It stands out from other Cross platform predecessors as it can work together with Native iOS and Android applications.
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What is Flutter?
Dart Language
Flutter leverages the Dart programming language, known for its simplicity and object-oriented approach, to build native applications.
Hot Reload
Flutter’s “hot reload” feature allows developers to make real-time code changes without restarting the app. It accelerates the development process, aids in bug identification, and simplifies UI testing.
Widget-Based UI
At its core, Flutter relies on Widgets, which are customizable building blocks for UI elements, catering to both iOS (Cupertino) and Android (Material Design) aesthetics.
Component Reusability
Widgets encompass a wide range of UI components, from text and shapes to animations and layout features, facilitating the creation of intricate interfaces by combining simpler widgets.
Cross-Platform Development
With Flutter, a single codebase can generate apps for both iOS and Android, streamlining development efforts and reducing time-to-market.
Native Performance
Flutter compiles to native code, ensuring high performance, smooth animations, and a native user experience on all supported platforms.

What are the benefits of using Flutter?

Flutter simplifies app development with a shared code base for iOS and Android, ensuring consistent and high-performance apps. Its real-time coding feature accelerates development, and an open-source framework offers customization options. Development squads benefit from efficient collaboration, reduced maintenance efforts, and the user-friendly Dart language.
Cross-Platform Efficiency
Real-Time Development
Enhanced Performance
Customization Options
Consistency Across Platforms
Efficiency for Development Squads
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End-to-end application development, backend, payment solution integration and design assistance for a Hungarian startup offering an online meditation system

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The Ecomate project merges environmental & financial consciousness while ensuring a seamless UX & custom UIs. Our team delivered comprehensive end-to-end digital product development from the wireframes to the development of each and every unique feature.

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