Easy-to-customise, white-label banking modules

Wide range of off-the-shelf modules from onboarding and lending, through personal finance and family banking, to green banking, supported by our end-to-end digital fintech product development services.

From onboarding through eKYC to eSignature

Our end-to-end, mobile-first banking e-sales module can be easily customised and integrated into financial institutions’ already existing mobile solutions as a Software Development Kit (SDK). It consists of four main pillars: UX-focused onboarding, eKYC, business logic engine (product selector & credit scoring) and eSignature.

The onboarding module enables banks to wire in even new customers seamlessly. During the eKYC process, we take photos of identification documents, read the chips of biometric passports and e-ID cards with NFC technology and also execute a liveness check in which users need to read numbers out loud in a selfie video. The process is conducted by leveraging AI technology and machine learning, which are all integrated in our solution. Users can select any type of financial products - loans or insurance products - through the product selection module. The displayed options are generated based on the built-in credit scoring engine, which analyses the data given by the user and collected from public databases. Finally, with the help of the eSignature module, documents are signed with a one-time qualified e-signature at the end of the process.

All of these features are packaged in a user experience that allows customers to complete the process comfortably, on a fully mobile interface within just 20 minutes. We optimised our process for SMEs as well by designing an omnichannel approach, while also providing a separate interface for eKYC agents. 

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A green approach to personal banking

According to research, 40% of Gen Z customers feel that they are directly responsible for saving our planet. There is an increasing demand for environmentally conscious banking solutions, so we assembled a module that can efficiently supplement financial institutions’ mobile banking applications by providing an easy-to-use tool for customers to reduce their carbon footprint and maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle. The Carbon Footprint Manager functionality incorporates a carbon footprint tracker, setting the CO2 limits, reports and compensating actions, tips & tricks, peer analysis and benchmarks too. We operate with self-developed technology and our algorithms support the following key functions and value-added services:

- PSD2/Open Banking XS2A API based account integration,
- Big Data from transactional and app-based behavioural information,
- Full integration to the bank’s mobile transactional system,
- Public or private cloud deployment option,
- Business rules and real-time decisions,
- Unique carbon footprint (tracker) computation logic,
- Traditional statistical methods for predictive client scoring,
- Machine learning techniques for minimal customer interaction (full automatization),
- Artificial intelligence for descriptive analytics and offer generation,
- Gamification features and vivid educational contents. 

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Managing, saving and making money in a smart and fun way

We created a youth and family banking solution, which we offer as a white-label module for financial institutions. The solution is capable of engaging customers by providing them an easy-to-use tool to manage youngsters’ financials, thus facilitating parents’ and teenagers’ lives. With its help, teens can easily manage, save and make money in a smart way. It also enables parents to transfer pocket money to their children with just one tap, while providing a transparent transaction history for youngsters and trackability for their parents at the same time.

Based on the principle of learning-by-doing, parents can assign chores and tasks to their children who by completing them can earn money. This highly contributes to the development of financial consciousness at early ages as kids understand the value of money through first-hand experiences.

The goal-based savings functions facilitate the joint sparing of families, therefore they can save money to a specific savings goal, add details and contributors, and top-up or withdraw money. By integrating beyond banking functions the application offers a dynamic newsfeed with educational content including Instagram-style job posts to help Gen Z and Gen Alpha users make money in a smart way, resulting in long-term engagement and customer acquisition. Within the EduTainment functionality, key financial insights are visualised for teens, e.g. goals’ progress is showcased on an EduMap. The solution can also let parents display the holdings of a crypto wallet to kids in a fun and interactive way. 

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Easy-to-understand analytics and useful tools combined with great user experience

Personal financial management and making spending decisions can be time-consuming and stressful for customers. People lack professional guidance and base their decisions on impulses and friends' and family members' advice. Redesigning and rethinking personal financial management and online account services is inevitable, and the legacy approach of past transactions datasets, retrospective financial information and complicated solutions must be replaced with transparent budgeting tools, forecasting methods and options and frictionless customer experience!

Our financial coach solution and custom advisory provide users with tips & tricks to budget more efficiently. The financial coach contributes to developing mindfulness in budgeting by setting different rules and practices. This is a great tool for financial institutions to communicate with customers through meaningful advice. 

The next.budgeting module is aimed at getting users to understand that keeping a conscious budget is not difficult at all. Our solution visualises key data regarding spendings and transactions to help users better understand their spending habits and change them if necessary. We created a dashboard that contains all the functionalities that help users immediately have a clear overview of financials. Besides goal-based savings, customers can easily set their custom limits based on their personal spending and carbon emission habits.

In order to nudge customers, we have built in numerous predefined values and template-based flows to further ease goal-based savings and help them develop the much needed financial literacy. Setting limits in each spending category can also help customers get rid of their bad habits and avoid overspending. Users can now easily customise and monitor their progress to reach their goals and set up separate virtual pockets for their aims. 

Besides savings goals and the financial coach, we offer account aggregation, a dashboard visualising all key financial data, category and spending limits, financial forecasting, and even peer analysis & benchmarks. 

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Wide range of off-the-shelf modules from onboarding and lending, through personal finance and family banking, to green banking, supported by our end-to-end digital fintech product development services.

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