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Boosting environmental and financial consciousness through design

Green personal financial manager helping you track & reduce your budget and your carbon footprint at the same time

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iOS and Android applications

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The challenge

Our enthusiasm for design is originated from its nature: this wonderful area of expertise is capable of converting abstract ideas into tangible digital products. This was exactly what we needed to do in case of Ecomate. Our team delivered comprehensive end-to-end UX/UI design for a very unique concept: a fintech application promoting financial consciousness while laying a huge emphasis on carbon-neutral lifestyle thus developing financial literacy and supporting environmental protection at once.

Clean dashboard for budgeting
 to be financially more conscious

We created a dashboard that contains all the functionalities that help users immediately have a clear overview of their financials. Besides goal-based savings, customers can easily set their custom limits based on their personal spending and carbon emission habits.

Monitoring your carbon footprint

Besides being a personal financial management tool, Ecomate also raises attention to users' carbon dioxide output in the form of notifications. Wondering how this can be done? The application possesses its very own, built-in algorithm which continuously monitors customers' carbon footprint.

Goal based savings flow

Ecomate is aimed at getting users understand that keeping a conscious budget is not difficult at all. In order to nudge customers, we have built in numerous predefined values and template-based flows to further ease goal-based savings and help them develop the much needed financial literacy.

Step 1.

Select a template for your goal and name it

Step 2.

Set an amount for it

Step 3.

Set a due date and tap on create goal

Custom illustrations for 
a better understanding

We wanted to provide users with a friendly and unique experience, therefore we designed modern custom illustrations. The main concept was a perspectival, exploded view which symbolises the connection between human and nature, thus creating a well understood visual metaphor.

Financial coach feature 
to educate younger customers

The financial coach contributes to developing mindfulness in budgeting by setting different rules and practices. This is a great platform within the application for the company to communicate with its customers through meaningful advice.

Transaction history with details

Our goal was to create a concept that truly facilitates users' lives. By leveraging open banking, all accounts can be merged in Ecomate, so customers can easily switch between them and review their past transactions ensuring transparency.

Dark mode for good usability

Dark mode is a user expectation nowadays however, we decided not to only invert our UI's colours. When creating Ecomate, we laid huge emphasis on developing a fully custom colour palette so the dark mode can provide high level CX similarly to the default, "light mode" visuals.

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