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From integrating our design-driven apps to crafting award-winning digital experiences, one pixel at a time

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Concept development from idea

We help you ideate and evaluate. Give shape to your concept. Elaborate on the essential features of your product to accomplish your business goals and eliminate possible mistakes.

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We contributed to OTP bank's youth banking strategy with UX consultancy.

We built several high-fidelity prototypes and conducted usability tests in order to validate innovative solutions early in the process.

Crafting beautiful and usable fintech products

Whether starting from scratch or looking to add subtle improvements, we are ready to help you on every stage of your business development.

Product Strategy

We can help you plan and evaluate the essential features of your product and discover its true potential.

UX Services

From providing UX audit to conducting user interviews & usability tests, we can translate business needs into actual solutions and design seamless user experiences.

UI Design

We are capable of crafting beautiful and engaging user interfaces to impress your customers from the first moment.

Design System

We establish a unique and unmistakable visual language of your brand from custom illustration to complete branding.

Co-creating digital products with MKB Bank's innovation team

We have a strong strategic partnership with MKB Bank &
MKB Fintechlab and contributed to several UX/UI design projects together. We worked in close collaboration with the financial institution in order to ensure a design-driven and mobile-first experience for their clients.

We teach academic-level UI design. But we don't stop at the doors of the university!

We are always happy to share our expertise and transfer our knowledge through trainings and workshops.

Our Head of Design, Ferenc Muck is one of the co-founders and leaders of the first Hungarian UI Design course - the UI Academy - at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

If you are interested in organising your very own in-house design course then we are your crew!

Feel free to contact us and we'll get your back.

Creating top-notch products with the latest technologies

We build well-designed and optimised custom mobile applications with a delightful UX for both iOS and Android.

Product specification

The custom creation of our product specifications and finalising our UI concepts run in parallel. This approach enables us to save time and money for our customers.


Our expert team is capable of building state-of-the-art mobile solutions (for Android and iOS as well), besides web development, which includes system architecture, backend development and integration to core banking systems.


At the end of the day, we finalise our process with the deploy phase. We are always happy to take part in the distribution and add this final touch to ensure the comfort of our clients.

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Native mobile development for an insurtech startup

This millennial-proof, pay-as-you-drive CASCO solution was one of our favourite projects! Want to know why? Check it out how cool this tailor-made application really is in the App Store or Google Play!

Our Process

Whether starting from scratch or looking to add subtle improvements we are ready to help you on every stage of your product development.


Let’s see what you have! It might be a concept paper of a few pages or an elaborate plan on how you would like to redesign your already existing application. We are happy to think with you and talk through your plans together.

Fixing the concept and estimating

After understanding all of your needs and dreams we can fix the concept and give an estimation of the time and materials needed. We can help you with a detailed functional specification and start wireframing to see where we can get together.

High-fidelity prototyping

We create high-fidelity prototypes so they look and feel like actually developed applications. This way we can prepare a feasible product by using the least resources possible. This prototype is capable of executing lifelike testing and monitoring even the slightest customer interactions.


We are dedicated to do UI-heavy development, so each and every member of our team is an expert in developing UI-heavy mobile applications, since the uncompromising design-heavy frontend forms the centre of our projects. This way the final product will look exactly like the previously validated and tested prototype.

Our Partners

MKB Bank's Fintechlab was the first investor in FF, we helped them to create customer-oriented youth-banking solutions which also brings value to the banks. Happy to be onboard in redesigning customer experience for next-generation banking.

János Pereces
Head of Digital at MKB Bank

It's always been very interesting to work with FF and co-create youth banking solutions together. The flexible, agile and experience-focused mindset of them helped us to be more creative and get a solution quickly at OTP Bank.

Dávid Kökény
Head of Department at OTP Bank

At FF we like to bring the cake... And make things extra

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