We created a millennial-proof investment tool for Intesa SanPaolo

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UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Mobile development
Millennial-focused, AI-powered microinvestments application
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From hackathon to proof-of-concept

Novathon #withVUB, the third edition of Intesa Sanpaolo’s innovation marathon took place in Bratislava, Slovakia on 06-07 October 2018. We rolled up our sleeves, took the challenge and won!As a result of winning the competition we had the opportunity to start to work closely together with one of the biggest western european banks, and created a proof-of-concept with Intesa Sanpaolo.

SpendInvest: hassle-free investment experience for millennials

SpendInvest introduces millennials to the thrilling world of investments. The exciting experience and the personalised opportunities based on transaction history enable them to gradually learn how and in what to invest. With this solution we help you to market your investment services and products to a new and currently underserved segment, and to onboard younger users to your brokerage services.

We analysed spending habits based on users’ average transactions and risk-taking abilities and match-maked them with an investment fund

Data analysis

The AI-based engine, developed by our team, helps to offer users specific investment options based on their transaction history. We can analyse spending habits and find users dominant transactions based on categories and brands. Our machine learning algorithm incorporates user preferences and data to offer the best and most suiting investment opportunities to your customers.

Personalized offers

Average-income youngsters can purchase the stocks of brands they like thus supporting their lovemarks. Young adults can also mitigate the risks in their everyday lives by developing their insurance policy through hedging.

Including Millennials

Show your customers that the world of investments is no dark wizardry, and anyone can easily learn the basics!

Cross-selling potential

Offer investment advisory services to your current customers and sell high margin products!

Onboard new clients

Using PSD2 compliant APIs lets everyone analyse their spendings and helps banks acquire new customers through investment services.

Maurice Lisi
Head of Multichannel and Customer Experience S/D at Intesa Sanpaolo
“The aim of Novathon was to make a creative platform for joining capabilities in starting new solutions and searching for a new perspective on how and which way the world of finance could advance in its improvements“

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