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What is Flint?

Flint is a millennial-friendly, end-to-end, mobile-first onboarding solution which is capable of executing credit scoring through a mobile platform, enabling banks to provide credit for new customers within 20 minutes. The application leverages a battle-tested scoring engine among further building blocks. The solution uses public registers, therefore most of the customer data is automatically filled in and its cleanliness is also guaranteed.

Frictionless user experience for lending

End-to-end loan application

  • Online identity proofing and authentication
  • Scoring engine
  • Automated procedure
  • Credit contract: Complete private document representing conclusive evidence with e-signature

Smooth process, pleasant user experience

  • Mobile-first form based on extensive UX research
  • Contrasting visualisation
  • Easy process that can be finalised within 20 minutes

Convenient solution for financial institutions

  • Not only for existing customers
  • Opportunity for full software integration and automation
  • Possibility to build the solution on the existing infrastructure
  • Integration is not necessary

How does Flint work?

Comparison platform to choose the most appropriate offer

Usage of public registers for due diligence making the approval process quick

Fast credit scoring identical to banks’ processes owing to automation and applied AI

Certified contract signed by the client with e-signature (private document representing conclusive evidence)

Forwarding the full transaction documentation towards the financial institution

Validation by the bank based on the incoming information

Notification of the disbursement, which can be easily accessed by the client in the application

Multi-factor authentication

The joint usage of Client Gate (Ügyfélkapu) and ID card makes loan applications safe, while satisfying all AML/KYC requirements.

Identification, signature and authentication

Authentication satisfying all AML/KYC requirements. We provide clients with access to qualified e-signature.

Your ultimate onboarding solution…

End-to-end mobile-first remote lending and more.

Comparison platform

Government authentication

Full transaction documentation

Credit scoring

Certified contract signed by the client with e-signature

Automatically forwarded application

Credit scoring by the bank

Notification of the disbursement

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