Who we are

ff.next offers design-driven mobile banking solutions for financial innovators with a special focus on younger customers, including off-the-shelf, boxed solutions that are all easy to integrate and white-label as well as an end-to-end service from UX research, through UX/UI design to implementation.

Our goal is to help financial institutions and fintech companies provide their clients with state-of-the-art, mobile-first solutions and the right customer experience in order to engage younger customers with design-oriented digital interfaces.

Our Journey

We believe that taking control over your finances is a lifetime of work, and starting to learn about financial literacy and how to manage your money is vital from a young age. In order to increase the financial consciousness of youngsters they must be involved in financial services early on, which requires digital solutions, interfaces and in the end - applications which can be used easily and intuitively.
We decided to take this matter in our own hands and try to revolutionise financial education by founding our company. That’s where the idea of Family Finances was born.

Accelerated worldwide

We are here to help you regardless of the timezone

Our values


Design thinking is in our veins and we consider ourselves as serial-workshoppers. The aim of design as such is to support usability, which is surely more important than aesthetics. However, if you possess something usable, why wouldn’t you want it to look aesthetically pleasing? We believe that design can really engage customers if it’s clear, sparkling and - of course - brand-relevant.

We love the problem and not the solution: we don’t fall for first ideas and consider it highly important to test our solutions and iterate frequently with our clients in order to make their dreams come true the way they imagined it.


We have developed significant domain knowledge: we became experts of GenZ and millennials in terms of their needs and the rapidly changing tendencies. We continuously conduct extensive research with the help of our own research panel of high-school students. Our UX-focused approach enables us to help financial innovators speak the same language younger customers do.

Our far-reaching vision is a society with better financial consciousness that eventually results in a stronger economy.

We emphatise

We empathise with large financial institutions, since we have been through banking procurement as well as IT security processes, therefore we know what it requires to adapt new solutions to the already existing infrastructure. 

This is the reason why we serve our customers the way it is suitable for them, considering the needs of all other stakeholders at the same time. We also provide high-level flexibility in terms of customisation, we work closely together with our partners when delivering them the perfect solutions.

We bring the cake

And we don’t just buy it, we bake it ourselves!
Our expert design team is capable of establishing a unique and unmistakable visual language for your brand, from custom illustrations to the whole image.

We create unique elements and designs in case of each and every one of our clients, which is the secret ingredient that brings a smile to their customers’ faces.

Our passion is creating digital products that are not only functional but can add a little plus to the everyday lives of those who use it.

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Business Class
B2B, B2C, MVP, API és hasonló kifejezések kíséretében zajlott le Muck Ivánnal és Muck Ferenccel folytatott beszélgetésünk. Habár idegen szavakból nem volt hiány, a történet ennél egyszerűbb!
Digitalizált, követhető zsebpénz.
Egy app a család pénzügyi pallérozottságáért, a gyerekek és
a szülők is saját felületet kapnak, de együtt okosodnak és látják
a költéseiket, költségeiket.
Budapest Business Journal
The waiting is over: corporate startup program Telenor Accelerate is finally under way for the second time to offer five months of training to the best three selected applicants.
A szülő és a gyerek kezébe egy könnyen kezelhető mobil appot adunk. Ők a Family Finances, a fiatalok zsebpénzét és pénzügyeit digitalizáló magyar fintech.
A diákok számára készített virtuális pénztárca segítségével a tanulók a zsebpénzüket költhetik el. Mégpedig kontrolláltan, hiszen költéseiket rajtuk kívül a szülők is visszakövethetik.
A Family Finances applikációja tulajdonképpen egy virtuális pénztárca, amelyen keresztül a gyermekek kontrolláltan költhetik el zsebpénzüket.
Gyerekeknek szánt pénzügyi app is bekerült a Telenor startup-programjába
A három hónapos akcelerátorban indiai és amerikai startupok mellett a FintechBlocks és a Family Finances is feltűnik.
Elindult az OTP Bank és a finn Nestholma tanácsadó cég közös startup akcelerátor programja, amelyre száznyolcvan nemzetközi és magyar startup cég jelentkezett.